• October 22 – 26 is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

    The St. Joseph County Department of Health is ramping up education, outreach, and testing efforts during 2018’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention week. The Department will be hosting numerous testing events at different locations throughout the County. All children completing a test will receive coupons to Strikes and Spares and Chick-fil-A. See our events here.

    About 80% of homes in St. Joseph County will built prior to 1980 and therefore carry a risk of having lead-based paint. Once this paint deteriorates, chips, cracks, peels, it releases a lead “dust” that then can be inhaled or ingested. Children under 7 are at greatest risk for lead poisoning. Lead is a neurotoxin which when entering the body will bind to receptors in the brain causing damage to brain development.

    Families can begin to take action to prevent Lead poisoning by completing a home risk assessment (offered free through the Department of Health) and having their child tested for lead.

    For more information, please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website at www.cdc.gov or the Indiana State Department of Health at www.in.gov/isdh.

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