In January 2014, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, declared the City of South Bend a Let’s Move! City underneath First Lady Michelle Obama’s national Let’s Move! initiative to raise a generation of healthy children.

A task force of community partners worked diligently to address each of the 5 goal areas:

LetsMoveGoal 1: Start Early, Start Smart

Goal 2: MyPlate, Your Place

Goal 3: Smart Servings for Students

Goal 4: Model Food Service

Goal 5: Active Kids at Play

South Bend became Indiana’s first all-gold Let’s Move City, Town, and County in July 2015. The City of South Bend was celebrated at the White House with the First Lady in September 2015 where Mayor Pete decided to move forward with the charge to become the region’s first Let’s Move! City All-Star City!

As we move forward, the City will focus on 4 key strategies to encourage residents to take an active role in the health of the community. The 4 strategies include:

Strategy 1: Bicycle Friendly Community (Make structural and/or policy changes to create a more bicycle friendly community)

Strategy 2: Slow Zones (Implement infrastructure improvements related to establishing/enhancing slow zones near schools, parks, afterschool programs, and recreation centers)

Strategy 3: Business Recognition Program (Develop and implement a local recognition program for area businesses that implement certain wellness policies and strategies)

Strategy 4: Community Gardens/Urban Agriculture (Develop and implement zoning changes and/or ordinances to promote and increase access to community gardens and urban agriculture)

For more information on Let’s Move City, Towns, and Counties, visit Let’s Move Cities, Towns, and Counties .