When a commercial or residential property is sold in Saint Joseph County, the Health Department requires properties with an onsite septic system and potable water well to be inspected and tested. The purpose of the septic inspection and water test is to disclose the condition of the septic system and the quality of drinking water to the buyer. The septic inspection must be completed by a contractor registered with the Health Department and the water test must be done by a laboratory registered with the Health Department.

The septic inspection and water test must be provided to the buyer at least 3 days prior to closing. If for any reason the septic system and water test cannot be completed prior to closing, a deferment application will need to be submitted to the Health Department for review and approval.

To review a summary pf property transfer requirements, please click here.

Demolition of Structures

For properties that are purchased with structures to be demolished, please review Demolition Requirements. In addition to any required demolition permits, onsite septic systems and water wells are required to be abandoned with a permit issued by the Health Department.